Premier Playoffs 2008
6/8/2008 6/15/2008 6/22/2008
Wildcard Quarterfinal SemiFinal Final
Sunday 6/8 Smith Field 10 AM Humpstreet Federazione Calcio (2)  
Kappa Real Wyckoff2 (4) OT Kappa Real Wyckoff2 (0) Humpstreet Federazione Calcio (1)
Parsippany Blues (1) Date TBD Sunday 6/15 Sinatra Park 10 AM  
  Spring Street Strikers (1)
Startime (2) Spring Street Strikers (2)  
Spring Street Strikers (3)  
Sunday 6/8 Smith Field 8 AM   Southampton FC
Fri 6/6 Veterans Parsippany 9:30 PM Wildcats FC (1)    
Southampton FC (8) Southampton FC (3) Southampton FC (4)  
Emeralds (0) Sunday 6/8 Smith School Ramsey 8 AM Sunday 6/15 Smith Field 8 AM Southampton FC (3)
Pompton (2) Ramsey Rangers (2)
Ramsey Rangers (3)
Sunday 6/8 Veterans Field 10 AM
1)Fields and Times in Parsippany subject to change.
2)We hope to have 3 OFFICIALS at each game.Games must start on time to allow for any Overtime - see rules posted on site.
3)Any team with outstanding dues, fees, or fines will FORFEIT their game.ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.All IOU's have expired.
††††† I will post any deliguencies 6/2/08.All amounts must be paid in full by Tues 6/3/08 even if you donít agree with them.Any disputed amounts will be
††††† addressed afterwards if necessary.
4)All Players must have VALID passes and be properly registered.††